Using Keywords for Search Engine Optimization

Madhuri-AmritAs you may already know, keywords are an essential part of search engine optimization. However, many users do not use them properly and hence, do not get the rankings they expected. While some people use the words excessively, others use them only once; both are equally ineffective. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you use keywords for SEO properly.

What are SEO keywords?

First of all, let’s get introduced to what keywords are and why are they important. Basically, the SEO keywords are those words and phrases in your web content that enables people to find and reach your site through search engines. A well-optimized website contains the same words that its potential visitor base searches for. Keywords are one of the major elements of SEO that connect searchers to you and your site.

How to find the best keywords for SEO?

Kelowna SEO ProMost beginners and new web designers make the same mistake – they only do SEO keyword research once, target keywords that are very commonly used and are repetitive, which increases competition, and do not bother to expand or update their site’s SEO keyword list. What they need to understand is that keyword research is an ever-evolving and ongoing part of a marketing job. Old keywords should be periodically reevaluated. Do not use competitive and high-volume keywords or head keywords instead of long-tail keywords. Go for longer yet more specific phrases that are designed to target not just any audience but the appropriate audience and bring the right visitors.

You should know who your target audience is and what type of people you want to reach with your website. It is more important that your site is visited by a few people who are looking for your services rather than a greater number of visitors who are not concerned with what you offer.

Since Google has updated the way keywords work, search engine queries no longer show only websites that contain the search query keyword. In fact, it has a pretty good idea of what things mean and displays websites that discuss the searched topic, even if the keyword has a bit different phrasing. Therefore, it is more significant that you focus on a single subject but not a single keyword. You should include several variations of a keyword in your article or blog post.

Where should I add my keywords?

seoMany people are unaware that it is possible to add keywords in images. You can insert your keyword in the alternative text, which shows up when an image is temporarily unavailable. Another method is just to insert the keyword in the name of the picture, for instance: “keyword.png.” Furthermore, you can add your keyword in your blog post’s title and meta tags as well. The title and the introductory paragraph of your article should also contain your keyword as well as the URL of your website. Throughout the rest of the article, you can occasionally include the keyword and other words that are related to the keyword.